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No Envy, No Fear - Klaine D/s AU - Chapter 6


Everybody already knows what they are before their marking day. You’re a Dom, or you’re a Sub, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which one you are once puberty hits and the hormones kick in.

But when Kurt Hummel is marked a Dom on his sixteenth birthday, nobody believes it. The jocks (all Doms themselves), irritated that they have no power over him, decide to make his life a living hell. But, Kurt figures, that’s just high school. It doesn’t change anything.

The only problem is, one of the jocks is a boy he doesn’t know. A boy he never sees, shy and hidden behind the others in a sea of letterman jackets.

Blaine Anderson is a Sub, but nobody knows it.

And he was just fine keeping it that way, until he saw Kurt Hummel.

Notes/Warnings: [NC-17]
Warnings for bullying, adapted (non traditional) Dom/Sub themes, power play, hurt/comfort, bondage, and a lot of porn. Powerbottom!Dom!Kurt and Topping!Sub!Blaine. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

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  • 26 March 2012
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